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22nd April
written by simplelight

Probably one of the first topics covered when you get started learning about jQuery events is the concept of canceling the browser’s default behavior. For instance, a beginner click tutorial may include this:

$(“a.toggle”).click(function () {
return false; // Prevent browser from visiting `#`
This function toggles the hiding and displaying of #mydiv, then cancels the browser’s default behavior of visiting the href of the anchor tag.

It is in these very first examples that bad habits are formed as users continue to use return false; whenever they want to cancel the default browser action.


4th April
written by simplelight

This is a great post on using the various jQuery Traversing functions to select DOM elements.

11th April
written by simplelight

WebDesignerWall has a great introductory jQuery tutorial. There are ten tutorials, including ones on animated hover effects, collapsible panels and menu accordions.

7th February
written by simplelight

The following gems and plugins are the most popular as of Nov 12th, 2008:

  • Javascript Framework: jQuery (56%), Prototype (43%)
  • Skeleton: Bort
  • Mocking: Mocha
  • Exception Notification: Hoptoad
  • Full text search: Thinking Sphinx
  • Uploading: Paperclip
  • User authentication: Restful_authentication (keep an eye on Authlogic)
  • HTML/XML Parsing: Hpricot
  • View Templates: Haml

NewRelic has a good article on the state of the Rails stack.