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26th May
written by simplelight

One of my favorite websites, Memverse, has added a list of the top 100 most popular bible memory verses. It’s pretty cool because you can compare popular verses in the various different translations.

I use Memverse on a daily basis. What I like most is that I no longer have to keep track of which memory verses I need to review and when I need to review them. The algorithm seems to do a very good job of tracking which verses are due for a refresh in my memory. I am currently memorizing about 100 bible verses (about 50 are already classified as memorized) and spend about 10 minutes per day.

Another cool feature is that Memverse reports how much time you will need to spend per day (on average) to maintain your current list of verses as memorized. It seems to be fairly accurate and declines as you learn your verses. Whenever the time required drops below 10 minutes, I simply add another verse or two. That way, I always have new verses that I am learning while I am maintaining my list of memorized verses.

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  1. Alex

    I use memverse too. It is really a good, online tool for memorizing verse. I’m using it to help memorize 500 verse for the National Bible Bee. Good post – thank you. Hopefully we can get the word out.

    By the way: in case anyone is wondering, memverse is free to use!

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