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17th March
written by simplelight

I wrote a few weeks ago about an online method for memorizing scripture. I have been using it for a few weeks now and have nothing but good to report. I have currently memorized 22 bible verses (actually, I’m in the processing of memorizing them) and am making steady progress. The interval between reviews seems to be just right although some of the more difficult / ├é┬álonger verses I find myself forgetting quicker. It appears that the algorithm adapts so that the more difficult you find a verse, the less it increases the interval after each successful repetition.

Another feature that I like is that you can string together multiple bible verses and memorize them as a set. This should be helpful when I tackle my eventual goal of memorizing Romans!


  1. Sylvia Beth

    Memverse sounds so good! I have tried to register at the site, and can’t get on–I haven’t received an “activation code. Any idea what’s going on?

  2. 24/08/2009


    I would try two things: first, check your junk mail folder in Yahoo as occasionally the activation emails for websites end up there; second, if the first option doesn’t work, you could try re-registering.

    When I registered I received the activation email in a few minutes if I remember correctly but I have had that problem with other websites.

    Hope that helps. I’m still using Memverse and it is tremendously useful.

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